Chef Dom Schmitt Catering Service - Terms and Conditions
Extract from the contract provisions for private chef(s), party services and catering:
1. Performance
Chef Dom is committed to carrying out contracts in the most careful and professional manner possible. Ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality. Chef Dom works very closely with suppliers in order to guarantee the highest quality.
2. Contract confirmation
The customer must provide confirmation of the contract in writing. Any services which exceed those detailed in the confirmation, or which are additionally requested by the customer, shall be invoiced separately.
The customer undertakes to provide a list of all participating guests at least 1 week prior to the event. If the confirmed number of guests is exceeded, additional guests will be invoiced retroactively. The company Chef Dom Schmitt, declines all responsibility for catering bottlenecks caused by guests the company was not informed of.
Generally, the first quote is free of charge. If the customer requires a more detailed quote and a contract is not subsequently agreed, the company Chef Dom Schmitt is entitled to demand compensation expenses in the context of “Costs and Expenses” for its efforts in relation to the preparation of further quotes. If the customer requests a sample meal or a wine tasting, this will be invoiced separately. Cancellation of dates for which a binding reservation has been made may be invoiced.
4. Number of participants
A change in the number of participants must be submitted at least 10 working days before the event, in writing if possible. If the number of guests drops below the number originally agreed, the amount previously agreed will be invoiced automatically.
Event cancellation 40-1 days before the event:
If an event is cancelled, the following costs will be invoiced:
* Up to 30 days prior to the event: No costs
* 29 - 15 days prior to the event: 45% of the agreed services (excluding drinks)
* 14 - 11 days prior to the event: 60% of the agreed services (excluding drinks)
* 10 - 0 days prior to the event: 80% of the agreed services (excluding drinks)
The same rules apply to the cancellation of individual items listed in the confirmation.
 It is at the discretion of the company to decide whether said items are invoiced.
5. Liability of assistants
Chef Dom Schmitt accepts no liability for auxiliary staff of the event organiser, or any damages caused when carrying out their contractual work at the expense of the customer.
6. Night supplement
From midnight, the hourly rate for service and kitchen staff will be invoiced including a night supplement of 20% per hour and person.
7. Technical equipment
We charge a commission of 15% for any technical equipment leased for the event. If the technical or any other equipment suffers malfunction or failure, the company Chef Dom Schmitt will seek an immediate solution, as far as is possible. In such situations, a retention or reduction of payment is not warranted, and will not be accepted.
8. Infrastructure
The general contract provisions apply to the rental of infrastructure. These can be seen in the extract of the contract provisions on the rental of marquees and accessories.
9. Liability
Chef Dom Schmitt assumes no liability for items that are lost or damaged by third parties. Rental equipment (glasses, crockery, cutlery, linen, etc.), which is not returned in full or is returned damaged, will be invoiced to the customer at its value when new.
During the rental period, the renter is liable for theft of or damage to the rental equipment caused by the renter or third parties.
10. Payment
Chef Dom Schmitt usually requests a down payment of 50% approximately 4 weeks before an event to cover goods purchased. The balance is due upon completion of the event in accordance with a detailed invoice, which must be paid net within 10 days of receipt.
If payment of the invoice is significantly delayed, Chef Dom Schmitt has the right subsequently to add 5% default interest to the total amount, from the due date of the invoice.
11. Info
Chef Dom Schmitt is bound by contract to cater for the number of guests specified in the confirmation.
The customer has no entitlement to food which has not been consumed.
It is at the discretion of the company Chef Dom Schmitt to decide on the use of food.
Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction for the assessment of all disputes under the contract is Aargau and Swiss law shall apply.